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Less expense.

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Highly Qualified Business Loan Applicants

Savvy lenders rely on Fimerica to pre-underwrite business loan applicants to their custom credit criteria while saving time, money and resources.

Better applicants mean better loans

Fimerica Preferred Lender Partner Loan Approval
How often do you find applicants that are loan shopping,
being shopped by loan brokers, or are unqualified?
With Fimerica you can substantially reduce the expensive cost of acquisition and pre-qualification while targeting highly qualified and motivated business loan applicants with your custom loan offer.
Fimerica does the preliminary work for you. You simply complete final underwriting and fund your applicants.

Save money. Save time. Save resources.

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Reduce the Cost of Applicant Acquisition

Your loan offer connected to a highly qualified loan applicant

Customizable Offers

Customize your credit risk appetite starting with 20 different attributes and provide a preliminary loan offer to your specific credit
risk for every business loan product
you offer.

Better Qualified Applicants

Fimerica pre-underwrites applicants to your custom credit criteria utilizing Experian credit data and the applicant’s current bank data, eliminating your first costly step in the underwriting process.

Reduced Application Costs

Through Fimerica’s extensive marketing efforts your loan offers will be presented to highly qualified and motivated applicants decisioned to your custom credit criteria. Sit back, save on marketing costs and let Fimerica work for you.

Immediate Application Details

The moment an applicant selects to view the complete details of your loan offer their application and credit information will be released to you for final underwriting and closing.

Lender Benefits

  • Eliminate the costly initial steps of acquisition
    and pre-qualification
  • Highly motivated, rigorously pre-qualified applicants
  • Applicants qualified to your custom risk tolerance using Experian credit and applicants’ bank data
  • Lower client acquisition costs and increased ROI
  • Higher client retention and renewal
  • Underwriting efficiencies save you time and expense
  • Eliminates file shopping expenses
  • Better for your bottom line

Building a better industry,
one lender at a time.

Fimerica believes business owners deserve a better lending experience. This is why Fimerica actively seeks lender partners that believe in fair and transparent lending. By dedicating ourselves to better business practices, we are creating a more efficient, common sense, and ethical approach to small
business lending.

Our lender and applicant neutral platform ensures that our customers and yours are presented with only the best offers for which they qualify. As you evaluate your offers, we encourage you to consider the money you save using Fimerica and we strongly encourage you to present your lowest offer to receive and close more applications.

Only the 5 Best Offers are presented per product.

Interested in learning more about the money and time-saving advantages of becoming a Fimerica Preferred Lender?